QSeal- new push-pull connector for audio applications

New in our portfolio for event technology is the QSeal with IP 67 protection class. The connector is ideal for cabling in harsh environments or mobile applications and takes your audio application to a new level.

The ferrules-based 2-way or 4-way connector scores especially with its low attenuation. You already have an existing system? No problem, due to its plug compatibility to the Neutrik opticalCon, the QSeal can also be used in already installed systems without any problems. With the D-standard installation dimension and the rear connection with standard LC, the adapter makes use of existing functionalities from practice. This means that the QSeal can also be used quickly and easily for your application.

More information about cabling solutions with the QSeal connector can be found here

Copyright_MediaBroadcast_Nauen_Fahnen 5G

Thank you for the cooperation Media Broadcast

We are proud to have contributed with our components to Media Broadcast’s 5G test campus. Now companies from media production and industry can test their 5G applications live in Nauen. More information about the project can be found here.

Successful re-certification for LEMO’s 3K.93C connector series

Reliable camera cabling is essential to provide viewers with a first-class image experience. For this reason, we have once again undergone the certification process as an official assembly partner for the LEMO 3K.93C connector series. Learn more about our fast.LANE® portfolio with SMPTE compliant cabling systems for fast and reliable data transmission in HD, 4K and more.

fast.LANE® combines single and multimode applications in one cable

fast.LANE® combines single and multimode applications in one cable line and thus solves an installation problem! By using single and multimode not only in one cable, but in one connector, your time and the amount of cable required are significantly reduced. For example, the audio and video signal can be transmitted simultaneously and additional connections can be saved. Due to the Expanded Beam connector HMA, it is suitable for robust applications in addition to its unique combinability. Thanks to the proven Expanded Beam Technology, the lenses do not wear out and the insertion loss remains constantly low. A simple fanout cable disconnects the applications on the active device. Depending on the application and customer requirements, the connectors can be combined for mobile use with cable drums and suitable distribution and transfer systems.

Further information can be found in the data sheet.

Infrastructure measurement 2GO!

With the multifunctional measuring kit from the fast.LANE portfolio with individual connector configurations, you are perfectly prepared for infrastructure testing in the single and multimode range.

Customized to your requirements, we can assemble the measuring lengths with various connectors from standard types to the connector series 3K.93C from LEMO. The integrated banana sockets also allow the electrical testing of the length.

More information

MPO Kabeltrommel

24 connections with only one plugging process? Use our cable drum with MPO connector

Festivals do not only live from the music – for the emotional experience live videos are no longer imaginable without. For this, a fast setup of the required network technology is necessary. With our cable reel with MPO connector you can create up to 24 connections with only one plugging process and thus save valuable installation time. Learn more about the product here

New standards with 12-fold Expanded Beam connectors

fast.LANE® sets new standards in cabling for event technology! With the expansion of the fast.LANE® portfolio with the 12-fold Eurolens Expanded Beam connector, fast.LANE® offers an unprecedented fiber count with Expanded Beam Technology in a robust IP67 housing. With the now available 12 fibers, it is possible to transmit more channels via one cable. For example, the audio and video signal can be transmitted simultaneously and additional connections can be reduces. Due to its proven design, the 12-fold Eurolens is not only backwards compatible with 2, 4 and 8-foldEurolens but can also be easily combined with any existing infrastructure (compatible with SmartBeam connectors (Klotz) Fiberfox, Optocore or Tyco).

Download Data Sheet

Bend-Optimized Fibers: fast.LANE® Components extend the Link Distance

The advancement of optic fibers in the media and event industries is unstoppable. However, live transmissions and outdoor applications in harsh environment call for special fiber optic components that excel with particular robustness. Hence, LWL-Sachsenkabel’s fast.LANE® portfolio, which bundles fiber optic solutions for broadcast, event technology and content delivery, includes bend-optimized Singlemode and Multimode fibers. These fibers offer improved attenuation properties, higher flexibility and enormous robustness. They enable longer link distances, reduce default risk and guarantee perfect transmission results even in confined space.

Outdoor Specialist: fast.LANE® Junction Box with Expanded Beam Technology

No doubt, these robust and compact junction boxes with Expanded Beam connectors from LWL-Sachsenkabel’s fast.LANE® range go anywhere. The boxes, available as mobile or 19” rack version, enable easy repatching from Harsh Environment connectors (protection class IP 67) to fiber optic standard connectors and guarantee safe data transmission in rough environments and over long distances. Expanded Beam connectors are available as Eurolens plugging connectors (2-, 4- or. 8-fold) or – for confined space applications – EuMicron connectors (2- or 4-fold). The box is available in different colors as well as in EMC-compatible versions with conductive surfaces and gaskets. The rigging on the crossbeam can be realized with hooks or truss clamps.

New Fiber Optic Brand: fast.LANE® by LWL-Sachsenkabel

Bundling the product range, fiber optic cabling specialist Sachsenkabel enters the event technology and broadcast market: The trade show Prolight + Sound 2017 framed the kick-off for the new fast.LANE® brand.

LWL-Sachsenkabel presented its new fast.LANE® brand at this year’s Prolight + Sound trade show in Frankfurt from 4th to 7th April. fast.LANE® is a tailor-made range of products and services for reliable transmission of audio and video data in event technology, broadcast and content delivery. Under this label, designated for the specific target group, LWL-Sachsenkabel bundles its product portfolio and know-how of tailor-made optic fiber cabling solutions that are suitable for studio installations as well as for harsh environments (e.g. challenging Festival applications). Depending on the intended application and customer demand, connectors, cable types, cable drums as well as distribution and junction systems can be combined. fast.LANE® provides solutions for upcoming changes in the industry – while copper-based systems still dominate broadcast and event technology, the future belongs to fiber optic infrastructures.

Prolight + Sound-visitors could experience fast.LANE® components live. In order to simulate a rough environment, an active transmission line with dirt-resistant Expanded Beam connectors was led from the notebook through a water basin to the screen. Universal and robust junction boxes as well as ready-for-use cable drums with harsh environment plugging connectors for demanding outdoor applications were also part of the demonstration.

The feedback on the new Sachsenkabel fast.LANE® brand was entirely positive. Many interesting talks have shown that the necessity of fiber optic systems is already in the heads of people. The interest in an experienced and competent partner in this sector was accordingly high.

For more information on the new fast.LANE® brand, products and solutions, please visit fast.Lane systems and solutions