fast.LANE® repair service completed within 24 hrs.

Check. Repair. Go. Check-up for OB vans almost at the speed of light

The demands of live broadcasts – and therefore also the demands on OB vans – are constantly increasing. Regardless of whether viewers follow the content via the Internet or as usual via TV or radio, they demand a fail-safe experience that gets under their skin. To prevent errors in the transmission, the trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Deutschlandradio commissioned Sachsenkabel to carry out a check-up of the fiber optic lines of one of its OB vans.

The exciting challenge in this project: to carry out the checks of the components as well as the repair of the defective lines within 24 hours and thus to be able to send the OB van back to its next event as quickly as possible.

That sounds exciting? You can find more details about this project in our reference story!