Cable bundles enable high-fiber routes even with special cable requirements

For short connection distances (e.g. 40 m), it is very time-consuming and cost-intensive to have cables with specific requirements on the cable jacket or the number of fibers manufactured by the cable manufacturer.

To cover these smaller project requirements of our customers anyway, we have developed a solution with cable bundles using heat shrink tubing. For example, an existing standard cable with 12 fibers can be processed into a 60-fiber cable by bundling the fibers.

On the connector side, we can equip these cables with MPO or other connectors.

Our development saves you the time and cost of custom manufacturing special cable types. In addition, you do not have to lay several cables individually, but combine several fibers in one cable. This reduces installation time and facilitates handling.

For more information on the product, see assembled cable drum with MPO cable bundle.