Robust connector know-how for broadcast van

Know-how from Sachsenkabel helps Deutschlandradio

’Live ist live’ – this is always the case when something special is taking place somewhere. This may be an important football match in Munich or a Chamber Music Concert on the Baltic coast. Live images and original sounds are then essential for transporting applause, emotions and ‘atmospheric vibrations’ into the living room. With current broadcasting technology, this is today a matter of course. But broadcasting is still highly reliant on signals finding their way from the equipment to the consumer easily and without interruption.

That was exactly the problem faced by Deutschlandradio. The broadcaster sends its vans all over Germany to report on important events up-close. Fiber-optic technology is on board – however, the technicians were not satisfied with the existing connectors. “Too fragile and difficult to clean,” were the comments from the OB van. “We need something more robust,” was the order. It soon became clear that the existing system had to be converted to Eurolens lens connectors and Eurolens bulkheads. With the beam spread of the lens system, smaller dirt and vibrations are tolerated better, so that the new connectors are better suited to rougher environments.

Tricky challanges

With this order, Sachsenkabel was treading new ground, but the task appeared to be solvable with the existing know-how. The project however quickly turned into a challenge for lovers of detail. Examples: the existing cables in the OB van were of an unknown material, which is really not intended for use with lens connectors. A modification of the finishing process was therefore essential.

All cables were installed in the vehicle, making a field termination inevitable. The configuration of the four channels of the existing connector was also unknown. Instead of the previously agreed three days, the OB van could only be made available for 30 hours. This fact significantly increased the time pressure. The preparations were therefore carried out with all due care.

A truck shed was provided to record the vehicle along with the necessary field assembly technology. In the team, scenarios and technical approaches were played out in order to deliver the highest quality under these adverse circumstances. Employees were prepared for the ‘special job’ and necessary equipment ‘released’ from daily production.


Thanks to the thorough preparations and perfect teamwork, the installation of the connectors went off without incident. The broadcaster was able to confirm on request that everything functioned as required from the very start, and was very satisfied with the quick and uncomplicated handling of the job.

The much-needed robustness and durability of the connectors must now prove itself in the rigorous day-to-day work of the broadcaster – the connectors will reliably fulfil their tasks. Regardless, Sachsenkabel is now sure of one thing: that audiences will listen more closely to Deutschlandradio in the future!




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The results

  • Concentrated, smooth procedure
  • Installation in the shortest possible time (only 30 hours instead of three days)
  • Special solution developed, which also benefits other customers

The challenges:

  • Connector change within a very short time
  • Sophisticated technology
  • Unfavourable installation conditions
  • Guaranteed high quality level

The Key to Success

  • Comprehensive in-house manufacturing expertise
  • Teamwork in the company
  • Close cooperation with the customer
  • Good preparation of the work