Speed is the target – not only on the racetrack

Sachsenkabel delivers optic fiber cable drums to the Formula One track in

Formula One is the royal league of motor sports. Thousands of fans share the
excitement of neck-and-neck races of Vettel and his colleagues at their TV screens
every weekend. Mere fractions of a second decide over winning or losing. State-of-theart
transmission technology is required for a smooth running of the race. Leading media
technology service supplier _wige SOLUTIONS GmbH got the assignment to supply
the technical equipment for the Formula One racetrack in Sochi (Russia). The racetrack
specialist relied on optic fibers for the realization of the project and brought in LWLSachsenkabel
GmbH as an experienced partner in this field.     

Pictures and information from the track must be available at once for an error-free and immediate race evaluation. Data streaming
over optic fibers is the best solution for that purpose. In addition to transmission speed, mobility of the used system played an important role for _wige SOLUTIONS. Easy transportation, fast setup and recovery of the connections as well as flexible patching
options were, thus, the most important criteria for a temporary installation of multiple data connections.

Ready-for-use Plug&Play solution
Sachsenkabel was able to fulfill the high material and system demands of _wige SOLUTIONS with ready-for-use optic fiber cable drum systems. The individual adjustment of the cabling solution to customer requirements afforded _wige easy on-site installation and, thus, saved time and money. The applied crush-resistant and heatproof universal cables warranted for reliable data transmission despite the harsh environment of a Formula One racetrack. The patch panel integrated on the inside of the drum system allowed for a direct connection of the active devices with a patch cable. Transport and deployment of additional equipment, e.g. junction boxes, were not necessary, which facilitated the handling immensely. An additional use of the cable drums beside the planned scope of application was revealed during failures of the existing fixed datavconnections. The cable drums could be used to quickly and easily build substitute connections. The time for error recovery could be minimized.
Service as key factor for successful project realization
In demanding projects like the racetrack in Sochi, high-quality products as well as reliability and customer orientation of the supplier and partners are the top priorities for _wige SOLUTIONS. This time again, just as in former common projects, Sachsenkabel delivered with dynamic and customer-oriented project monitoring. Detailed assessment of requirements and a joint quest for solutions are the basis for a successful realization.
The deployment of fiber optic cable drums in Sochi went smoothly for _wige. The application of the systems in other great events is mere fractions of a second away.


_wige MEDIA AG


Media Broadcast

The key for success

  • Ready-for-use Plug&Play cable drums
  • Application and use of high grade components
  • Cable drum with integrated patch panel


  • Fast delivery of reliable cabling systems for applications in harsh environments
  • Mobile solution with Harsh Environment Quality
  • Flexible patching options on site
  • Approval for Russian Certification


  • Safe and fast data transmission on the racetrack
  • Easy and flexible setup and recovery of data connections
  • Sustainable solution that is also usable for other events

„Der einwandfreie Ablauf der Übertragung spricht für sich.“

Andreas DerksenHead of Motorsport bei _wige MEDIA