System Optimization for an Outside Broadcast Vehicle with the fast.LANE® Refit-Service

Quick Refitting of an Outside Broadcast Vehicle of Radio Broadcast Company “Saarländischer Rundfunk” to Expanded Beam Technology

Transmitting the newest images and the most exciting news to the people at any time, anywhere and as fast as possible – that’s an absolute must in the news industry.

No matter if it is radio or TV, live images and original sound need to arrive at the customer without delay and in excellent quality in order to evoke emotions and the right vibes. Steady and fast connections are essential, also in the field. More and more technical challenges are to be mastered to meet the requirements of first class signal transmission quality from the recording equipment to the end user.


Challenging Problems

This was the challenge for “Saarländischer Rundfunk”: The multi-fiber connectors used previously to transmit data were based on ferrules. Hence, they were not suited for harsh environments. The link to other self-owned broadcast vehicles and those of other radio companies was very hard to realize, as most outside broadcast vehicles are equipped with expanded beam  technology. It turned out that the existing system had to be converted to Eurolens expanded beam  connectors and Eurolens Bulkheads, in order to ensure system compatibility.

The expansion of the light beam provides much better tolerance for minor pollution and vibration making the  connectors better suited for harsh environments.

The Radio Broadcast Company brought on board an experienced provider of fiberoptic cabling solutions, LWL-Sachsenkabel GmbH, who have successfully realized similar projects.

The two partners established their first contact on the prolight+sound 2017 trade show, when the broadcast station Saarländischer Rundfunk asked Sachsenkabel for help with their problem.

First, the timeframe had to be set, in which the outside broadcast vehicle was available for refitting at the Sachsenkabel factory. Within only five days, the cable drums could be converted, some conversions in the permanent cable trunk of the vehicle were carried out and individual front panels were manufactured and installed. At the end of this flawless working process, compatibility of all existing systems was established. Now the broadcast vehicle is up-to-date and fit for the next deployment. The customer “Saarländischer Rundfunk” was very pleased with the spotless outcome: ”The technology works like a charm. The cooperation was very communicative and open. Project agreements and internal meetings also contributed considerably to the flawless working process. We are looking forward to assigning Sachsenkabel one of our future challenges. “


We have mastered the challenges and refitted the outside broadcast vehicle on time and with excellent quality. Due to transparent project planning and careful preparation, everything worked without any issues. After a very positive feedback, we are still in contact with the broadcasting station and are looking forward to supporting them in other projects.


Saarländischer Rundfunk


Radio Broadcast

The results:

Refit Service

The challenges:

  • Refit in best time
  • Challenging technology
  • Ensuring high quality

The Key to Success:

  • Comprehensive in-house production competence
  • Teamwork in the company
  • Close cooperation with the customer
  • Thorough planning and preparation